June 2, 2017

Tenkara -- June 1, 2017

The rivers are still very high in my area. So high that flooding is occurring in numerous locations. There have been some drownings on the larger rivers, and entering any moving water right now is taking your life into your own hands. Still, I wanted to go fishing, so I headed high into the headwater regions of one of my local streams to see if the water was a little less aggressive and more fishable.

I had never fished this particular reach of the stream. I'm not sure why -- I guess I never got around to it.  It's a side branch of the main stream and gets pretty low in late summer. But right now it looks really good.  It's a great little stream!

I stayed out of the water and fought my way through the profuse red-twig dogwoods that lined the stream. I fished anywhere there was a decent opening. Boy, was I surprised! I hooked some really nice fish. I didn't bring a net with me and I lost the largest trout right as I was getting them to hand.

I took a few pictures of a few of the fish. I fished from 5 PM to 6:15 PM. I caught 15 trout -- all except two were browns. I had my Zerosum 360 7:3 with me and I matched it to a 8.5' level line. It was a great little exploratory outing!


  1. I see on your last couple of fishing trip postings that you are using the long style attach to rod line winders. A few years ago, your initial review impression of these line winders, purchased from Singapore, were so/so and that you preferred the round spool type line holders. Your experience also was that the attach to rod line winders would slip on the tenkara rod blank. Has anything changed so that you now like and regularly use the attach to rod line winders? Thanks.

    1. Me again. I just found and read your 11/14/2016 post updating your opinion on the snap on line winders and your reasons for using them. This answers my questions unless you have any more insight to add. Thanks.

  2. Lovely Cutthroats in those last two pics.


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