August 8, 2017

Wild Trout with No Place to Fight them

I recently fished a mountain stream that was new to me. It has wild, native cutthroat trout but its high gradient and generous flows make it difficult to fish. If you do hook one of the trout it is hard to fight them as there is no place to steer the fish to calmer water.

I found wading to be a challenge, but landing the trout to be an even greater challenge. I did land a few 14 inchers, but I lost one 16+ inch cutthroat because he immediately went down stream, through some rapids, and into a log jam. What I nice fish; bummer I couldn't steer him out of the hazards.

I took some video of my fishing. Here it is:


  1. Not surprised you were tired☝️My doc asks if I exercise . I say I fish , he says oh lying on a recliner with cans of beer ! I don't think so


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