September 13, 2017

Oni School 2017

This was the third year that I was able to attend the Tenkara Guides, LLC Oni School near Salt Lake City, Utah. As with years past, I was unable to stay all three days, due to my work schedule. But I did have a great time and learned a lot from Masami Sakakibara, as well as others.  And I was able meet and fish with many new and old friends from the tenkara world.

We fished the Provo --  upper part of the middle and lower canyon sections on the days I was there.

We first met at the Fly Fishing shop at Sundance Resort. After registration we had casting lessons on the grass field followed by casting demonstrations by Oni at the Sundance pond.

Eric and John of Tenkara Guides, LLC introducing the curriculum. 

Chris Hendriks, a tenkara guide from Norway, practicing a specialized side cast. 

We then drove to the middle Provo, just below Jordanelle Dam, and fished it for the better part of the day. As in other years, each participant had the chance to fish with Oni and as to shadow him as he worked his kebari through various spots. 

On stream instruction.

Some fun at lunch.

What you can't see here is the 20 mph wind. Despite this, Oni placed the fly where ever he wanted.

Hooking a large brown in fast, shallow water.

The fish of the day!

This is his method of teaching. The translation is mostly clear but not always. I found it easier to learn new techniques by just watching him fish and work various sections of the stream.

Oni sketching how he approaches a certain part of the river.

The second day we met at Sundance again and then quickly relocated to lower Provo canyon for more fishing and one on one instruction.  

As with past years, this year was excellent! The Tenkara Guides, LLC put together another fantastic program full of didactic and practical instruction. I plan on attending as many years as they keep offering this amazing tenkara school.


  1. How many students are allowed and what is the cost? When I am up near Rexburg dropping my daughter at BYUI, maybe you can teach me a few tricks. I love the blog..!!! I would really love a few instructional videos on your technique fly selection and fishing method for the location...I learn so much better by visualization...keep up the great work.

  2. Tom, thanks for sharing your time at Oni School. It looks like it was a lot of fun as well as educational. I would love to get there some day.

  3. Great to see you.
    This is my third time attending to Oni School. Every year I have learned a twice as much as previous years.

  4. We cap attendance at 20. This last year was $425

  5. Registration is currently open for Oni School 2018.

    Go to to register.


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