October 22, 2017

Compact Thermometer Multi-tool

I like gathering data on the fishing sorties that I take. I gather information on weather, water and other stream side conditions and I record that data in my fishing journal for future reference. Why? Because that's part of who I am. I'm a scientist and my life revolves around accurate data.

One of the data sets that I look at frequently is air and water temperature. Oh, I still catch fish no matter what the temps are, but I still like looking back at the temperature data over the years to compare one outing to another.

For the last little while I have been using a compact thermometer to gather this data. It is the C&F Design CFA-100 3-IN-1 Fly Fishing Thermometer. I mainly use this thermometer in my small chest pack, as it doesn't take up a lot of room.

The C&F 3-in-1 has a compact thermometer, tippet waste coil and magnet all in one compact tool.

The thermometer is small and can be a little hard to read in the Fahrenheit scale, but the Celsius scale is easier to read. That's a little inconvenient but really not to bad.

What I really like this tool for is that it will also hold your tippet waste. It has a plastic coil along one side into which the line or tippet can be captured. This is great! It works well and is easy to use to capture that pesky waste tippet. To remove the tippet, just slide a knife or scissors up the groove on the back to cut the tippet, and pull out the pieces in one easy movement.

There is also a magnet on the bottom of the tool. I use this the least, but it can be used to pluck your fly out of your fly box.

I've read some complaints about the thermometer liquid separating over time, but I haven't seen that in my thermometer yet. I've been using it over a year now.

I like this tool - mainly for its thermometer and tippet waste holder. It's compact and well thought out. It comes with a small split ring to aid in attaching it to a zinger, but I've attached some micro-cord to mine and placed it in the front pocket of my Zimmerbuilt Strap Pack. The micro-cord helps me pull it out of the pocket.


  1. Tom,
    I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the time and effort you put into writing it. I refer to it often.

  2. Albeit a little belated from your original posting, I figured I'd add my two cents worth. I've been using one of these for four or so years now. I've attached mine to a zinger with my forceps and nippers. As you state, it's compact and light weight and agree with you that it's very convenient for storing waste line or tippet (not to mention the temperature readings seem accurate). Although, I find the numbers a little hard to read depending on the light outside. The thing I like the least is the little magnet. It's very strong and sticks to everything, most often my forceps.