November 5, 2017

Hunting Trout: Fishing in Autumn

Like many of you, autumn is my favorite season for fishing. The water levels are perfect, the air temperatures are refreshing and the fish seems very cooperative as they begin to prepare for winter.

In my part of the world autumn seems to thin out the number of folks on the stream as well. Hunting season has begun and many who would be fishing are out chasing deer, elk or upland game birds. Also, the weekend campers have all gone home, and school has restarted leaving the previously over used camping areas empty. Amazingly enough, some of the best holding water is where weekend waders have modified the stream  making little weirs and dams that alter the stream flow.

I like throwing beadheads but I really like throwing unweighted kebari and sight fishing for selected trout. Autumn allows me more opportunities to do the latter. Sure, it can be challenging; if you can see the trout, it can see you. But that is part of the fun.

In autumn, while many are hunting large mammals, I hunt trout. I delight in stalking them, hooking them, and exercising them for a minute or two before releasing them back into their watery world.

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  1. Tom, this was a great trip to tag along with you. Love late fall fishing, hiking.