February 4, 2018

February 2, 2018

I fished a little creek on February 2nd for about an hour and a half. It's a tight and technical creek with plenty of browns to keep you occupied. The air was 40°F, as was the water temperature. There were a few snowmachiners using a nearby road, otherwise I had the place all to myself.

I fished the modified Suzume with an 8.5' #3 line. I kept the tippet short at about 18 inches for better fly control. The 8.5' line was pushing it for length, as the tree canopy was very quick to snag my fly. If it was summer I'd have to have used a shorter line.

I moved up the creek slowly watching for holding trout. I was able to take a number of fish this way. The others were hooked in all the likely lies. Most of the lies were no larger than a small dinner plate.

An unweighted soft hackle was the ticket with most of the trout taking the fly on its first presentation. All of the trout were holding in shallow water and I could see most of them as they took the fly. The white flash of their opening mouth gave away the take, even before the sighter moved.

To present to the last fish I had to cast over and between numerous branches to place the fly where I wanted it. When the fish took the fly I had to guide him through branches to release him. It's these little creeks that are my favorite ones to fish!


  1. Tom,
    Who makes that line holder?
    Looks just like the creek I was fishing here in NM except the temps were around 60.

  2. Hi Bill, It's a combination of a couple of different line holders. I glued them together to make one that I like. I'm still trying it out.

    It's the top of one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Tenkara-line-management-system-Oval-winding-spool-Fly-box-line-winder/182072331788?hash=item2a645b4e0c:g:AU0AAOSwGYVW-9Xe

    And the clip on part of one of these: https://dragontailtenkara.com/tenkara-snap-on-line-winders/

  3. Beautiful water and fish.
    I dig the release videos.
    I never get tired of seeing fish released and seeing what they do.

    That second vid with the spooked trout near your position is awesome and a reminder that these devils are always closer than we think...

    keep up the great reports!!!


  4. Thanks Tom. You're a better man than I at avoiding the brush. Lost a few tippets yesterday but a many fish day.