February 12, 2018

February 8, 2018 -- a few small rainbows before influenza

Right now I'm sitting at home battling influenza. I've been lying in bed most of the day and my body aches, so I need to get up and do something. How about a blog post; that will do.

Last thursday I went to fish a local river, but after driving up a nearby canyon I came to find that the wind was blowing pretty steady. There was no wind in the valley, but there sure was in the canyon. I fished there for about an hour, took a few browns, then decided to go somewhere else.

Since the wind had been an issue, I decided to hit a small creek that has numerous rainbows in it. I've taken trout up to 14 inches in that creek (that's pretty rare) but most of the trout are in the 6-8 inch range. Still, I really love that little creek for it's solitude, challenge and generally cooperative trout.

I fished for about 1.5 hours and took many trout on a #10 Gravedigger and then a few of a #10 UKB. Even though the water was low, due to winter conditions, I still fish subsurface most of the time, and today was no exception.

I scared some nice sized fish, but was still able to take a couple that were (nearly) 10 inches.

The next day I started not feeling well. Fever, aches, sore throat. This has all progressed to higher fever, cough, more aches, etc. Awe, isn't it great to be alive!

I hope you are all able to avoid the influenza epidemic this year. Take care and I'll see you out of the stream!