February 28, 2018

The Only Dedicated Tenkara Fly Shop in the US?

In the age of internet commerce it seems that anyone can have a retail "store" without actually having a brick and mortar structure. I have been to fly shops that have tenkara rods and supplies, but they also sell western rods, reels, and stiff. I have been to headquarters of tenkara companies, like DRAGONtail, but they don't have a "store". Rather, it's an office, warehouse, factory (for furled lines), and shipping location all in one location. But the other day I visited a true tenkara retail brick and mortar shop.

I had decided to do some backcountry snowshoeing in the Tetons. While passing through Driggs, Idaho I decided to stop at the Tenkara Rod Company's retail store. I've driven past dozens of times, but I had never stopped there (for a variety of reasons). But the other day I had time to kill and decided now would be the time to stop.

The store is on main street, near the intersection where you turn to go up to Grand Targhee Ski Resort. Parking is a little odd; either on the street (very few spots) or way out back behind the Baptist church. Since there was no parking spots left on the street I drove through the little alleys and parked behind the church.

The store was open and was quite spacious. Unlike most fly shops, this store has more open space than products to show off. Still, the staff guy (he came out from the back room) was friendly and we had a nice little chat. He didn't know about tenkara much, he works for another outdoor retailer that shares the same space and he's more into snowboarding than fishing, but I'm sure he could have helped me buy anything I would have wanted.

I examined the rods in display and looked around. I was able to dry cast a couple of their rods that I had not seen before such as the Sierra and that was nice. BTW, I find most of their rods to have actions that are stiff and offensive, but the Sierra actually feels quite good. I was pleased by that. It's too short for my liking but it has a nice mid-flex action. It probably would handle a #2.5-3 level fluorocarbon line quite well (although I didn't get a chance to try).

I wandered around the store a bit, asked if I could take a few pictures for the blog and then left.

So, if you are ever in Driggs, Idaho consider stopping by the Tenkara Rod Company's store. Whether you like their products or not it's nice to just go in and say hi. Tenkara is still small enough that any interaction with others in the tenkara world is fun!


  1. Nice to see that you're over that flu! Tim

  2. Nice, little town. I passed through there in September on the way to Bitch Creek. I should have stopped there on the way back to Palisades.