March 4, 2018

Windy on the Provo

I recently attended a therapeutic endoscopy course at Park City, Utah. The majority of the lectures were in the morning and late afternoon, and mid-day most of the attendees go skiing. Rather than skiing, I went fishing.

The first day of the course was very windy. The winds were strong enough to blow a couple of semi-trailers over onto their sides and close the ski lifts at many of the resorts. Still, I wanted to fish.

I decided to hit the Provo. I went to a section where there were more trees in attempts to reduce the affects of the wind.

Sorry, my gloves got into many of the pictures. 

The water was low, running at 69 cfs, but still very fishable. I used the TB40 with a 390 cm #2.5 level fluorocarbon level line with 3 feet of 5.5 X tippet. This was very manageable most of the time, as long as I timed the casts to correspond between wind gusts.

I caught numerous fish, all browns. The largest was about 14-15 inches. The section of the river I fished is not known for its really big browns, as in other reaches of the Provo, but I have no issues with smaller fish. I'm no respecter of size.

BTW, if you attended the 2017 Oni school and camped with Tenkara Tanuki, then you the place that I fished and caught these beauties.

I fished for my usual 1.5 hours, then went back to Park City. It was a very nice get away.

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