June 4, 2018

Another Visit to Crane Creek

I just returned from a month long trip around the US. My wife and I drove visiting New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. We also drove through Nebraska, Iowa and Wyoming. We spent our time visiting various historical sites, as well as visiting some of our children and grandchildren.

On our way through Missouri, heading to Arkansas, we stopped for a few minutes at Crane Creek. I've fished this creek four other times previous but this time was different. The main difference was the air temperature of 92°F; the heat index was 98 degrees.

The water was low and clear. This was no different from the other times I fished Crane Creek. But this time the fish were not as active. I suspect it was due to the unseasonably warm weather. Still, I was determined to fish for the very challenging McCloud rainbow trout that were there.

I only fished for one hour; it was too hot, even wet wading. The trout would not look at any of my favorite kebari patterns so I decided to go deep. Since the water was very clear I could see the trout holding on the bottoms of the deepest pools. I changed to a #14 Egan's Tungsten Surveyor and began sight fishing to specific fish. This worked well. In the last minutes of my designated one hour fishing time limit I took some small rainbows as well as two 12-14 inch beauties.

These trout are silver bullets. The larger fish took to the air immediately after being hooked. They did jump after jump trying to shake the hook. It was a real special treat to hold watch one gentle in my hand before letting them slip back into the depths.

I don't know how you folks live with that heat! It was too much for me, a guy from Idaho. I'm glad to be back home where we have a "dry" heat. That's more my type.

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  1. How do we live with the Midwest heat and humidity? Either suffer through it until the next cool down or head for cooler parts of the country. My escape will be a Colorado trip in early July. It can't come soon enough!

    You had great success at Crane Creek for only one hour of fishing. Did you fish near the city park or at one of the conservation areas?