July 4, 2018

Small Creek for Browns - part I

This past week I have been fishing for browns. I've targeted two particular streams that are a couple of my favorites. They are challenging enough to keep my interest, and they have health populations of browns.

In this video I fish one of these creeks. The first day was after work. I drove up the canyon and started fishing upstream of the reach that I usually fish. I used the Tenkara Times WaterShed 300Z (although mine still carries that old designation of 330 6:4). I used a 7' level line with 5.5X fluorocarbon tippet. The fly I chose for this outing was a #10 black Takayama kebari.

I fished for my usual 1.5 hours and took around a dozen fish. They were mostly in the 8-10 inch range, which I find in typical for this creek.

Here's the video of day #1. I fish even further upstream on day #2. That video is coming soon.


  1. Beautiful location, fish and music. I find it helpful to be reminded how close in you fish, 7’ of line plus tippet. Stay cool.

  2. Thanks Tom, I need to fish vicariously through you this summer. Keep the videos coming!