July 7, 2018

Small Creek for Browns - part II

This is part II of my small creek adventure introduced at the last post. In this video I fish the same small creek, but further upstream, where it's even smaller. You can easily step across the creek in many places.

This video was taken a couple days after part 1 was. I again fished for 45 minutes.

I used the same rod, the Tenkara Times Watershed 300Z, and the same line, a 7 foot level line. I could have shortened the line to 6 feet and hung up in the trees less.

Here's the video:


  1. You're a far better caster than I! I enjoy your videos.

  2. I also enjoy working my way up tiny creeks like this one in your video. It's challenging but the rewards are great. I wont be doing any stream fishing until September, when our Victorian trout streams reopen. In the meantime I'll enjoy watching your excellent videos and reading your blogs.
    Thanks and Cheers,