July 24, 2018

Small Stream Tenkara - July 24, 2018

I drove to one of my favorite small streams the morning of July 24th. This stream is in Utah, and given that the 24th is celebrated as a holiday in Utah, I expected there would be many people in the canyon. But good news, there wasn't! There were a few hikers heading to and from the trailhead, but no other traffic to speak of.

The creek is small, with the creek bed being about 8 feet wide. This time of year the water is only 3-6 feet wide in most places.

There are plunge pockets and the occasional pool with the standard head and tailout, albeit on a small scale. The tree canopy is dense and casting is a real challenge.

The creek holds rainbows and browns. And although most of the fish are in the 8 inch range there can be some surprisingly large fish hidden in the best lies. I hooked a rainbow in the 14 inch range from this creek once!

Today the browns predominated. The largest was between 12-13 inches and had some nice thick shoulders. It was a beautiful fish. Most any fly will work, but today I used the venerable UKB.

I fished from 1015 to 1130 and went home happy.


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