August 30, 2017

TenkaraBum Tactical Nymphing Sighter -- I'm a believer!

I've been using sighters ever since I started tenkara in late 2011/early 2012. I've experimented with different materials and colors, as well as color combinations. What works for me, on my waters and with my eyes is 6-8 inches of green Amnesia 8-10 lb tied to the end of an orange Hi-Vis fluorocarbon level line.

This has worked for me for years, and I was reluctant to try any thing new. But with the release of TenkaraBum's Tactical Nymphing Sighter earlier this year I was in a quandary.  I wanted to try it, but I didn't want to spend the money. I already had the Amnesia, and, I must admit, the Tactical Sighter was spendy for how much you got. Also, I wasn't sure it would be better than what I was already using.

Shamelessly stolen from TenkaraBum (please pardon me, Chris!)

Well, a few months ago I broke down and bought some. I didn't know what size to buy, so I bought the 0.010".  I was impressed with how it felt, but it was too narrow of diameter for me to see it! I then bought some 0.011" hoping it would be better for my eyes. I was not disappointed!

The material is much more supple than Amnesia making it easier to tie to the fluorocarbon level line and it has much, much less hinging effect when casting. I was amazed! I've been using it on my #2.5 lines and I have really grown to like it!

As far as the colors, they are bright. The green is brighter than Amnesia green. The red is about the same. As far as the white, it doesn't work for me. The vast majority of my streams are modest to high gradient and there is a lot of white water. The white of the Tactical Nymphing Sighter just blends right in. I can't see it for the life of me -- sun in front, sun overhead, sun behind, cloudy day, morning, midday, evening -- it doesn't matter. White doesn't work on my streams (I haven't tried it on slow moving water with lots of foliage in the background) -- at least with my eyes. What does work for me is the green.

For tenkara I still use an orange Hi-Vis level line, but I tie to it the green section of the Tactical Nymphing Sighter only. I tie it so the there is one of the black sections between the orange of the level line and the green sighter. To the end of the sighter I tie on a tippet ring.

For my clear keiryu lines I use the whole Tactical Nymphing Sighter -- white, red, green, white.

So there you have it --  I really like this sighter. I wish it didn't cost so much (especially since I only use the green portion of the sighter) and I wish it came in a 0.012" diameter as well. But it's much better than Amnesia IMO, so it's worth it!


  1. Best sighter I've used so far. I like it better than amnesia, coiled mono sighters and a couple different brands of indicator tippet.

  2. Well there are a couple in the package. I picked some up and I've only tried the white section. I'll need to give the green a go.

  3. Maybe it's my eyes, or the waters I usually fish but I have such a hard time seeing the tactical nymphing line especially in glare and foam. I still have a few lines with it on it because I do like the way it casts better; I'm not much of a fan of the diameter of the amnesia lines, but I can see the red in almost any condition. I like to tie a bout 10 inches of green above for some contrast between the red and high-vis level line. I really like the red on the water though, my eyes go right to it. I still think the tenbum sighter is much nicer to cast but there are so many subtle strikes that I miss looking for my line when I use it that I'm willing to sacrifice some cast ability for the visibility. I would like to see the amnesia in a smaller diameter or the tactical nymphing line in amnesia colors, and maybe a hair thicker too.