January 29, 2021

Winter Nymphing in Skinny Water - January 18, 2021

 I've always found nymphing skinny water to be difficult. Around my part of the country, winter usually brings the lowest flows of the year, as most of the water is locked up in ice and snow. Still, there's some nice fishing to be had. 

In this outing I continue my exploration of the egg pattern. This is a different river than where I fished the egg before, so I was curious to see if it would still produce. 


  1. Tom, as you know I usually nymph and for me they seem to work in any kind of water at anytime of the year. How are those blue gloves working out?

    1. They are working out nicely. Are they perfect? No. But they work about as well as any winter fishing gloves I've tried.

  2. Much of my fishing takes place in skinny water. I love fishing riffles and your showing a nymph can be effective in thin water. Do you use brightly colored nymphs?