January 25, 2021

Some New Quality Hooks From Moonlit Fly Fishing

What a blessing it is to be a fly tier now days! One thing we don't have to worry about is finding good quality hooks. Unlike the old days, where there were a relatively few suppliers of quality hooks, now days we have a choice of hook suppliers - almost to many choices!

Recently, I've been tying with some new options for quality hooks. These hooks come from Moonlit Fly Fishing and I find them a pleasure to fish. 

The first hook is the Moonlit ML062. I wrote about this hook back in September, and I've been using it more and more. This is a moderately heavy gauge, curved shank, competition barbless hook. It's got a straight eye and a slight "claw" at the hook point. I find that the hook sinks the kebari well, is strong, and sticks the fish soundly. I like the black coloration, the slight upward turn of the hook point, and the sink rate. At $0.21 per hook ($5.29/25), they fair well with options from other hook suppliers. Over the last few years, my favorite hook has been the Fulling Mill 35065, but at $0.26 per hook, they are expensive. The ML062 is a very nice replacement for the FM35065. 

Another hook that I'm loving lately is the Moonlit ML251. This is one of Moonlit's Togatta line of hooks. These are premium Japanese made barbless hooks. They are chemically sharpened and very strong for their wire gauge. This hook has a slightly upturned eye, long needle point, straight shank, thin gauge wire, and black coloration. I like it for kebari I'm going to use in skinny water, as this hook has a slower sink rate. And yes, it is "wicked sharp"! At its current reduced price of $0.20 a hook ($9.99/50), it competes well with other hook suppliers. If they go back to the normal price of $12.00 per 50, the price per hook goes up to $0.24. That may not sound like a big increase, but that price increase would be enough for me to maybe overlook it for other options - maybe. It's still much less than the similarly designed Tiemco 206BL, which comes in at $0.37 per hook.

Brent and Brandon have really been coming through for tenkara anglers over the past few years with some excellent fishing and fly tying products, and these hooks are no exception! So, if you are looking for some great hooks for your fly tying, look no further than Moonlit Fly Fishing hooks. I really like them and think you will too!

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