Flies/Kebari for Sale

When I was younger I tied commercially (as a freelance tier) for some fly shops in Montana and California. Although I haven't done so in decades, I've decided to offer some flies on a "as purchased" basis. These are kebari I use a lot and are frequently featured in my YouTube vlog posts. They are my take on common kebari and they work well for me! 

The flies are (see above):  

Killer Kebari,  Oxford Wool Kebari,  Soft Hackle Grey Kebari, 

Grave Digger Kebari,  Pink Squirrel Kebari,  Pheasant Tail Kebari, 

Ochre Gnarly Fly,  Maroon Gnarly Fly,  Gray Gnarly Fly, 

Black Head UKB,  Utah Killer Bug,  Wren Kebari, 

Sunset Futsu Kebari,  Oxford Wool Futsu Kebari,  Black Takayama Sakasa Kebari. 

I offer these in sets of three (3) flies for $6.75 USD. I offer hook sizes #10 and #12. 

When ordering state: fly pattern, hook size, and hackle type (futsu, jun or sakasa). Gnarly Fly patterns only have one hackle type. You can mix patterns, hook sizes and hackle styles. Tied on Moonlit TOGATTA Premium Barbless Hooks. Shipping cost is $5.00 USD (I know that's a lot, but unfortunately USPS costs keep going up)

If you desire other patterns, let me know and we can talk about it. 

To Order: send me a message using the "Contact Me" portal (on the top right of the page). I'll get right back to you. I'll get right back to you!