July 1, 2012

American Fork: Hot air, roiling water

I was in Utah Valley this post weekend and had a chance to fish the American Fork River. The water was clear but still a little high with the last remnants of the spring runoff. Wading was challenging in spots, as I didn't want to crest my hip waders. I actually debated wearing waders at all! The air temp was 95 degrees in the canyon making any wader, breathable or not, stifling! Thank goodness we don't get the humidity of the mid-west and east.

A nice section with a fish hiding next to the current seam
Got ya!  - a nice little brown

I started out with the Ebisu and a 10'6" #4 level line, but I was having trouble catching tree limbs on my back casts. I lost three sets of flies in about 20 feet. So, in frustration I put the Ebisu away and changed to the 10'2" Daiwa Soyokaze -- with the same line. I still snagged some limbs but not nearly as many and it didn't seem that the shorter length was handicapping my fishing. In fact I think it helped. The pockets are fairly close in American Fork and the reach of the 10' Soyokaze fits their cadence nicely.

Another brown
The flies of the day were a #10 Utah Killer Bug and a #12 sparkling Purple Haze (using purple holographic tinsel).

A nice one with the Ebisu

I fished for a few hours, until I was tired of the heat, and I brought many Browns to hand. The trip was a success and I was hot so I called it a day. Next time I venture into the canyon I need to be more patient and try the reaches further up.

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