March 31, 2013

Arkansas Panfish for First Timers and Tenkara Starter Kit

I arrived in Northwest Arkansas and met up with my daughter, son in-law, and grand kids. Yesterday I took them fishing. Trent, my son in-law, used his new Shimotsuke "brother" 3.6 that I got him from TenkaraBum. My daughter used one of my 390 cm tenkara rods.

After just a few casts both were into their first fish. Granted, the fish were bluegills and other panfish and very cooperative, but the two of them were having great fun catching them.

Every few casts they hooked a bluegill and would laugh and laugh. Another tenkara success story. Looks like I need to buy a Shimostuke 3.6 for my daughter!

The Shimotsuke 3.6 is a excellent rod. It has an action I'd call a 6:4. It is light and easy to cast. I had them use a Spectra furled line and then a PVC line, but this rod will handle a level line as well.

Trent's tenkara kit from TenkaraBum included the rod, a spool of #4 orange flourocarbon line, a spool of Maxim tippet, 6 kebari in a plastic fly box, and two empty line spools. He also received a hand written note from Chris. I consider this the best starter kit out there for tenkara. It is quality stuff at a very reasonable price put together personally by a guy who really cares about your tenkara/fishing experience.

Of course, the rod, whether a 3.3 or 3.6 would make an excellent inexpensive backup rod.

I'm still writing this blog on my iPhone so I can't link you to his website but if you want to look at the starter kit, just go to TenkaraBum. com.

Here are some images of the kit, rod, and the fisher guys with a few of their fish. As you can see, they even had a double at one point!


  1. Looks like fun, as soon as my son gets big enough I plan on moving him to one of the TenkaraBum starter rods. Right now I have him using a Kiyotaki 18 which is just about right for a 3 yr old.

  2. It shows in their faces that they are having fun .... very good, thanks for sharing ...

  3. I totally agree with Gerardo about seeing the fun in their faces. True fishing brings a lot of excitment to newcomers of the sport. Bringing new faces into the sport is super important for the sportsman side of it. I'm going to start following this blow.. it seems super legit on fly fishing and just general fishing.

  4. It's awesome to know that someone else in Arkansas has a Tenkara rod!


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