March 8, 2013

Introducing the Teton Tenkara Online Store

If you have been following Teton Tenkara for a while, then you will know that recently there has been a change to the look of the title image. Also, there is a new website logo. The reason for this is that I while back I received a request to give up the name Teton Tenkara to some guys who wanted to start a tenkara company. I have put a modest amount of time into this blog, tracking my learning curve of this most effective way of fly fishing, and therefore declined the offer. To head off any further issues of this kind in the future I have applied for trademark protection.

I accordance with US trademark law, I must sell something to receive trademark protection. When I started this blog it was not the intent to make a brand, but I want to get the trademark so sell something I must! So, I have decided to sell some common items that many of you already have: ball caps and stickers.  They are available in the new Online Store. You can find it by clicking the "Store" tab found just below the title image of the blog. 

Teton Tenkara Caps
The caps offered are high quality, camo with authentic Realtree AP or Hardwoods design. They have a pre-curved bill and adjustable "one size fits most" strap. The Teton Tenkara logo is prominently displayed on the front and the words"Teton Tenkara" are on the back. The logo coloration keeps with the camo theme so it will not break your ninja-like stealth. As of right now I offer two style of caps: RealTree AP woven cap, and for you folks in hot humid environs, RealTree Hardwoods mesh cap.

RealTree AP cap (front) with RealTree tag
RealTree AP cap (back)
RealTree hardwoods mesh cap (front) with RealTree tag

RealTree hardwoods mesh cap (back)
They are great looking caps that will last a long time of hard fishing! Don't want camo? Just let me know what you'd like instead and I'll see what I can do.

Teton Tenkara Stickers
I am also offering a Teton Tenkara Sticker. This is a 3 inch by 4 inch, high quality indoor/outdoor vinyl sticker. It has a glossy finish and a water resistant adhesive. It's perfect for your car, truck, or whatever! It has a glossy finish and looks much better than this picture of it! 

As far as the cost of the items, I am not trying to make money off of you. As I don't keep the hats "in stock" as it were, I have each one embroidered when ordered. Since each item is embroidered when ordered, please allow for 2-3 weeks before receiving it. I'll try to ship it too you fast and that costs a little more than snail mail. I think I have a 25-35 cent margin that I make, but I use it as a buffer for shipping. The stickers I have "in stock" and I'll mail it/them right away in a regular envelope. 

About the Teton Tenkara logo -- I asked my ubber talented daughter, Stephanie, to come up with a logo that embodies the theme of Teton Tenkara. As a professionally educated graphic artist she has a great eye. As you see from the logo that the Tetons are "backwards". Well, since I live on the Idaho side of the Tetons (the best side, BTW), she wanted that view to be on the logo. The classic silhouette, such as on the ZimmerBuilt logo, is as viewed from the Wyoming side. Very nice, yes, but not as representative of my fishing world as the Idaho silhouette!

Zimmerbuilt logo (used with permission) -- the Wyoming side of the Tetons

The Idaho side of the Tetons -- my side!

If you feel like you'd like to wear or display the Teton Tenkara logo, then visit my store. I'd love to see where you wear the stuff, so take a picture and send it to me. If you see me on the stream say "hi". You'll know me by my tenkara rod, camo Buff, and my Teton Tenkara hat!

Don't want a hat, but like the blog and find it helpful, informative, entertaining and want to support it? How about a donation? I try to provide useful real world information about rods, lines, flies, and certain techniques that work for me -- maybe they would work for you as well. Again, I'm not trying to make money off you, but unfortunately it does cost money to buy items for review; I do my best to review items that may be of potential interest to tenkara fishers from all over the world. 

If you feel like donating then click the "Donate" button. Any donation is much appreciated and donations over $3.00 USD will get a sticker!

All transactions, Store or Donations, are done through Paypal.


  1. Tom - time to do a sticker swap... just saying.

  2. I'd have one or two or more of those caps if they came in realtree APG - we need a lot more green on this side of the globe, the standard AP is all greys with brown highlights, perfect for northern americas, not so good for here. pattern doesn't matter, just the mix of colours and profile blending ability, hence APG with focal on greens and tans, even if presenting Nth american foliage, does really well in NZ and Aus rivers.

    good luck with the new online business.


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