April 24, 2014

Inexpensive Multi-rod, Multi-length rod case

If you own multiple rods, like I do, and if you like to take more than one with you on your adventures, then you might be interested in a inexpensive protective case that will hold a number of rods of varying lengths. I have a Cabelas case for travel, but it will not hold my longer tenkara rods, such as my Shimano Mainstream ZE or Nissin Air Stage Honryu 380. These rods are long when collapsed.

Enter the Staedtler Telescopic Art Tube. This is a 3 inch diameter black plastic tube that expands from 28 inches to 49 inches in length with 10 different locking positions. The tube has a twist-on cap and adjustable shoulder strap that makes it convenient to load and carry.

Adjustable lengths (in centimeters)


The easiest way to use the tube is to put your rods in their protective cloth sleeves, adjust the tube length to the longest rod, then put the rods into the tube. It's quick, it's easy, and best of all, it's inexpensive. The Staedtler Telescopic Art Tube costs less than $20 USD.

With the Nissin Air Stage Honryu 380

Sure, this tube is not tough enough to hold up to checked baggage abuse that you get on airlines, but if you're looking for a way to transport multiple rods of varying lengths in a way that won't break the bank, then this tube might just answer.


  1. Looks good, might get one like that to put inside my $20 yoga bag for those days my fixed-line fly rods might get manhandles by bagage handlers.

  2. I have been using these for the past 3 years. Work great for guide trips when I have to pack a dozen or so rods in the car. Using one of these to pack my rods for my tenkara trip to Japan in June.

    John @ Tenkara Guides LLC

  3. Nice review, will help a friend of mine in his buying decision.


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