October 31, 2014

A Quick Trip for Some Autumn Trout

I'm tired tonight and so I don't think I'll write a lot. But the other day I fished for an hour or two on one of my favorite creeks. Due to changes in my life I don't get to go fishing as much as I'd like and when I do go I have to limit the time to one, maybe two hours at most on the water. Still, I enjoy each and every minute.

Here is a short video of the fishing. There's nothing spectacular, just bread and butter small stream tenkara.


  1. I hope that whatever is keeping you off the water is, on balance, a good thing. I really enjoy your trip reports and your gear reviews are the best out there.

  2. Love your videos and reviews. Great work(fun).

  3. Great job finding a spot to really show off Tenkara.