February 26, 2017

My Chest Pack - part II

I have a second chest pack that I have been using for a couple of years. I don't use it quite as often as the Zimmerbuilt Chest Pack, but I use it often enough to mention.

My second chest pack is a Angler's Accessories Double Haul Lanyard. It is a minimalist chest pack designed to carry only what you really need. It's thin, lightweight and non-obtrusive. I've been carrying it more and more, particularly on trips in the summer, where I only need a few flies. It's not a chest pack that people who like carrying a lot of gear would enjoy. But for me, it works really well.

On the front I've pinned a nipper on a zinger. Also, instead of using the shirt clip, I've ran some nylon cord through the clip and made a simple waist loop. I don't like my chest packs to flop around when I bend over.

There is a pocket on the back of the pack. I use it to hold some small hemostats. I don't have to use these very often, in fact, I can't remember the last time I used it, but if I can't get the fly out of a fish's mouth then I'll be glad it's there.

Inside, there are a number of pockets. I carry a few lines (on spool cards), one spool of 5.5X TroutHunter tippet, a thermometer (for the data geek in me), and a clip-on line tender.

At the base of the pack, there is a little elastic loop. I find that it holds a tube of Tiemco Dry Magic floatant just perfectly. I don't use floatant often, but when I do it's this amazing stuff.

The original Double Haul Laynard has a foam fly patch, but I kept loosing flies. Therefore, I replaced it with a small, thin fly case (the kind you can get at any fly shop). I glued loop strips on the back of the fly case and mated them with the hook strips already on the pack. This works better.  Behind the fly case is a thin pocket where I keep two TenkaraBum Tip Grips.

On the outside right of the pack is a nylon tube, probably designed for hemostats or something. I use it to hold a Ty-Rite.

I like this simple chest pack. It works great for a minimal carry tenkara fishing trip and it appears to be robust enough to last many years. I modified mine just a little, but as it comes it is plenty adequate for sure. I'll be using it even more this year.

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