March 14, 2017

Some Planters and some Wild

I was finally able to fish tonight. After work I drove into a nearby canyon and fished a section of the river that hadn't yet seen its water levels rise. The water was clear; there was no wind and I fished for 40 minutes.

As the cars drove past on one side of me and bikers peddled past on the other side, I caught fish from a section of river that doesn't get fished very often. This is because everybody is wants to go further up the canyon.

I'll admit that this section is usually pretty low in summer and so fishing upstream is usually better, but now, in spring it's just right.

I used the TenkaraBum 40 and I must say, I really like this rod. I like how it is just a little softer and slower in action than the TB36 and I like it's reach. The section of stream I fished is not very wide, so I fished a #2.5 360 cm level line.

I caught planter rainbows and wild browns. Both were fun, but the browns were really nice. I first fished a brass beadhead nymph and took a number of fish. I lost it to a rock, and so, per my tradition, I changes flies. Fish started rising in various locations so I went with a Oxford wool sakasa kebari #12, fished under the surface. This took fish after fish and so, after fishing 40 minutes I had hooked over a dozen and landed nine.

It started getting too dark for my eyes so I walked back to the car. All in all it was a very nice 40 minutes with a great rod catching some wonderful fish. I'll be back.

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  1. Looks a lot like a couple of streams I fish in NM Tom. Just getting into Tenkara but I doubt my better half will let me go as nuts on equipment as you did in the first 6 months.