May 22, 2017

A Quiet Morning and Cutthroats.

This morning I was able to go for a little walk along a trail that I recently discovered. It's not a new trail; it's just that I never took the time to walk up it before.

Running alongside the trail is a nice little mountain stream. I guess I should say that the stream has a trail running along side it, as the stream was there first. Anyway, I drove to the trail head, gathered my few things for fishing and started walking up the trail.

I was alone. I did see one other guy, but he was mountain biking and didn't give any sign that he had noticed me. The sky was blue with occasional cloud. There was no breeze. The air temperature was just perfect.

As I walked along the stream I would stop periodically to watch its flow and to scout for trout. There were fish everywhere! Anywhere there was break in the current there would be at least one trout -- often more than one.

I rigged up and over the next hour and a half caught about many trout. They were all cutthroats. They ranged from 8 inches to, the largest, 13 inches. I hooked even more, but they many got off with a long line release. They were brightly colored and very beautiful. It was a glorious morning that I will try to repeat soon!

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  1. Beautiful cutties and such a pristine stream. I have the Nissin Pro Spec 320 6:4 and it is a great rod, super sensitive when fishing unweighted flies.


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