June 19, 2018

Just Starting to Clear

My favorite streams are just starting to clear. Run-off has ended, but the water levels are not yet to stable summer levels. Still, I fished one of my favorite reaches yesterday. I used moderately heavy tungsten jig nymphs to get the fly down quickly in each pocket. To throw these flies I fished my Daiwa 43M-F. This is a fantastic rod for this type of fishing. It casts heavy flies very well, is stiff enough to invoke rapid hook sets with minimal arm movement, and it controls the trout in fast water without breaking a sweat. I don't use it for tenkara, but for nymphing it's great.

I fished 1h 15m and took nearly two dozen. Here is a video of a few of them.


  1. Tom,
    Looks fun. I've been trying a little nymphing with Tenkara also. How long was your leader and tippet? Did you use an indicator? Did you fish one or two flys?

    Happy fishing!

  2. Tom - I continue to be amazed at the size of the fish you dredge out of those small holes. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. - Les

  3. Hi Tom,
    Love your site. Could you describe the line setup used on this fishing trip? I'm trying to get the right line, indicator, tippet length for nymphs. Any help would be appreciated.

    BTW, I live in southwest Idaho. Man love to get up east part of the state and fish those streams - need to know which ones :)


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