May 30, 2016

My Version of the San Ron Worm

Here is the worm pattern I usually fish. I've tried all different patterns, but this one seems to be the most durable of the plastic worm patterns, at least in my hands.  It's my variation of the San Ron Worm.

Hook: Tiemco 206BL
Thread: Umpqua Super Floss (although I put a small thread head on those that are tungsten to help me tell them apart from brass bead ones in my fly box)
Body: Trout Legend Worm 2.0 Material

It's easy to tie and quite durable. Here is a short video of how I tie the fly. Sorry for the less than ideal quality of the video.

1 comment:

  1. Tailwater fishermen know the San Juan Worm. But people want recognition and they place their spin on ideas that are successful and call it their own. I see this as the fly of American Tenkara Anglers.